Kylie Sturgess

Kylie SturgessKylie Sturgess is an award-winning educator, writer and researcher, specialising in the study of paranormal beliefs. She is the founder of Token Skeptic, the first solo-female skeptical podcast, which is dedicated to promoting critical thinking and science communication.

Kylie was a Master of Ceremonies for the Global Atheist Convention in 2010 and writes the ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ column for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry website. She has contributed to a number of publications, including The Guardian, The UK Skeptic, Skeptical Inquirer, and features in the ‘Australian Book of Atheism’. In addition, she is a member of the James Randi Educational Foundation Education Advisory Panel, writes about superstitions on her site PodBlack Cat.

In 2011 Kylie was presented with the Secular Student Alliance Best Individual Activist Award for her activism independent of a university student group.
When not teaching high-school Philosophy, studying Psychology or volunteering at a science centre in Western Australia, Kylie travels world-wide delivering entertaining presentations on education, feminism, atheism and science.

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