How do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased from the Greentix purchase page.

I have purchased tickets. When should I expect to receive them in the mail?

To avoid misplacing tickets over the time until the convention, all attendees will receive their tickets in early 2012.

Will there be Gold Passes as well as Full Weekend Passes as per the 2010 Convention?

Yes. Details of ticketing can be found on the ticket page.

Are there Day Passes as well as Full Weekend Passes?

Sunday- Only Balcony Passes are now available for the Convention. See the announcement Sunday Only Balcony Passes Available for more information and the tickets page for purchase

I have a Gold/Full Weekend Pass. Does that cover the Saturday Night Dinner?

No, the Saturday Night Dinner is ticketed separately, so if you would like to attend the Dinner you need to buy a Saturday Night Dinner Pass.

What is the dress code for the Gala Dinner?

We do not have a strict dress code for the Gala Dinner, so you can choose between smart casual and formal.

Can I get a reduced ticket price if I provide my own catering?

No, all ticket prices include catering. Because of the large number of presenters, the break times need to be run efficiently and it would not be practical for attendees to seek food &  beverages outside the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre during the break times. In addition, given the number of attendees and the planned location of the catering, it is not practical for us to distinguish between those who have paid for catering and those who have not.

How does seating work for the Gala Dinner? Can I nominate to sit with certain people at the Saturday dinner?

Seating will be allocated for the Gala Dinner on tables of 10 people. Tickets purchased together will be situated on the same table. Requests for table allocations are now closed.

Will all the presenters from the Convention be attending the Gala Dinner?

In addition to the presenters providing Saturday Night Dinner entertainment, it is expected that most, if not all, speakers will be attending the Saturday Night Dinner. Confirmation will be made nearer to the event.

I would like to interview a particular presenter(s), how do I do this?

You will need to contact us with your request. All requests will be subject to evaluation and the presenter being willing to comply. Email your request to media@atheistfoundation.org.au

Can the Atheist Foundation of Australia help me get my Australian visa to attend the Convention?

If required for visa purposes, once you have purchased a ticket for the Global Atheist Convention, the Atheist Foundation of Australia would be pleased to provide a letter that confirms your ticket purchase and invites you to attend the Convention. Attendees should investigate whether or not they require a visa to visit Australia, the visa application process and timing well ahead of the Convention.

Can I bring a camera / take photos at the Global Atheist Convention?

You may bring a camera to the Global Atheist Convention and take photos. However, please be considerate and do not take photos with a flash while any presenter is speaking, as it can be very distracting for the presenter and the audience.If any presenter requests no photography at all during their presentation the MC will
announce that prior to the presentation, and we ask attendees to respect the presenters’

Can I film the Global Atheist Convention?

No, to protect the copyright of the presenters and the Atheist Foundation of Australia no filming, whether on video cameras, mobile phones or other devices, is permitted.

What is the Convention’s refund policy?

Please choose your ticket carefully as all ticket sales are final. If you have purchased a ticket but are no longer able to attend the Convention no refund is available. In the unlikely event the Convention is cancelled, or a refund is required by law, liability is limited to a refund of the purchase price only.

Am I allowed to bring a bag to the Convention?

You may bring a handbag or small backpack (one that can easily be stored under your seat during the presentations) to the Convention. However, larger bags are not permitted. Larger bags may be stored in the Melbourne Convention Centre cloak room (no charge), near the Porte Cochere entrance, please see the nearby Customer Service Desk for assistance.

Can I hand out flyers or other materials at the Global Atheist Convention?

No, only exhibitors that have made arrangements with the Global Atheist Convention in advance are permitted to hand out flyers or other materials at the Global Atheist Convention.

I have a Seniors Card – am I eligible for a concession ticket?

No, Seniors Cards are not eligible for concession tickets

What constitutes a concession card?

Current CentreLink pension/unemployment/carer/health care cards and Student Cards are accepted.Delegates purchasing Concession Ticket must provide evidence of either current concession status or evidence of being a concession holder at time of purchase, when registering for the convention. Failure to do so will mean delegates will have to pay the difference between concession and full price tickets.

Evidence of concession must be produced upon entry at the Convention

Am I allowed to bring signs/banners/placards to the Convention?

No. Signs, banners or placards are likely to disrupt the presenters and interfere with viewing by other audience members and are not permitted at the Convention

Will there be a child minding facility at the MCEC?

No, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make their own arrangement for child minding.

Is the Victorian Government funding part of the Global Atheist Convention because of atheism?

No. The funding from the Victorian Government has nothing to do with religion or otherwise. It is a commercial arrangement, which benefits the AFA and the state of Victoria. If it were a science, basket weaving or toy manufacturer’s convention and fulfilled the necessary criteria for funding, it would also receive it.

Will there be free WiFi at the Convention?

Absolutely! So feel free to blog, tweet, and Facebook update away.

Can I use a Post Office Address to obtain Tickets to the Convention if I do not have a PayPal account?

No, the Ticketing system only recognises an actual street address unless you have a PayPal account. You will have to use the address of a good friend or other family member.

Can the Atheist Foundation of Australia remove people from the MCEC premises and surrounding areas who are disorderly or disruptive?

Yes, in line with general conduct and usual expectations at such venues, the Atheist Foundation of Australia reserves the right to remove persons temporarily or permanently from the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and surrounding areas whilst the 2012 Global Atheist Convention or the Saturday evening Gala Dinner is in progress for any behaviour disorderly or disruptive towards other attendees.

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