Dick Gross

Dick Gross AM has written about living and dying without a god for two decades. His blog for Fairfax Media, “Godless Gross” attracts more comments than any other on any topic in the country. He has composed a godless bible, written a secular version of the crucifixion (“Jesus, Judas and Mordy, Three good Jewish boys in Jerusalem”) and made a radio series on “Understanding Unbelief” for ABC Radio National.

In addition to his atheistic activities, he has been a lawyer and a commentator and writer on finance. He has also been a Mayor and Councillor of the City of Port Phillip, President of the Municipal Association of Victoria and a director of many organisations large and small. In 2011 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia and in 2008 he was chosen as the “Worst Dressed Man in Melbourne” his crowning glory.

* Derek Guille will be moderating a panel on the intersection of Religion & Politics. The panel will include speakers Dick GrossColleen HartlandMarion Maddox and Fiona Patten.

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