Derek Guille

Derek Guille has been a communicator for most of his working life. He spent time as a photographer and music journalist with the Australasian Express newspaper in London in the Seventies, and for the past twenty eight years he was a radio broadcaster, for three years in commercial radio in Western Victoria then twenty five with ABC Local Radio.

Derek has always been interested in what people think and why they think what they think. While his ABC programs over the last few years have had a focus on music and culture, each evening he also invited his audience into conversations on the widest range of subjects, from philosophy to football. The non-judgemental nature of the program provided opportunities for listeners to express and reconsider their positions and opinions without being hectored or harangued. As an exchange student with an African-American family in 1969/70, Derek learnt about prejudice first-hand, an experience which continues to inform his attitudes and understanding.

He has lived in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria in almost equal measure and relates well with people from all walks of life. His broadcasts from across Victoria during the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires set a benchmark in emergency broadcasting, providing an opportunity for those affected to share their stories in a caring and non-sensationalist forum.

* Derek Guille will be moderating a panel on the intersection of Religion & Politics. The panel will include speakers Dick GrossColleen HartlandMarion Maddox and Fiona Patten.

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