Jason Ball on 2SER

Spokesperson for the Global Atheist Convention Jason Ball spoke on 2SER this morning about the Global Atheist Convention and our new student grant initiative.

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4 Responses to Jason Ball on 2SER

  1. Giri Fox says:

    Nicely done.

  2. Andrew says:

    Jason says that there is no evidence for God. A lot of atheists make this call. I have a belief and a faith in Jesus Christ. One reason I have it is because of the evidence – not in spite of it. There is plenty of evidence for Christ’s existence.

    • Davo says:

      If you have evidence, how is that faith?

      Faith is belief despite the lack of any evidence.

      • Andrew says:

        Depends on what definition of faith you are using I guess. You may have “faith” in another person such as a friend – that would be based on evidence eg the kind of person you have seen them be etc. Collins dictionary also defines faith as TRUST or COMPLETE CONFIDENCE. That is how I’d best describe it for me. I look at evidence for Christ (life, death, resurrection etc) and that is where my belief comes from. If your defintion of faith = belief DESPITE lack of evidence then I don’t have it. Hebrews 11:1 gives a biblical definition that is closer to what I mean.

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